Massage + Body Treatments

Massage + Body Treatments  

  • Waterside Signature Massage – A medium pressure massage, incorporating a balance of relaxing Swedish strokes with some firmer focus in areas of need.  60 or 90 minutes, $119/165
  • Relaxing Swedish Massage – Light pressure, incorporating long soothing strokes and relaxing, soothing movements. 60 or 90 minutes, $109/155
  • Deep Tissue Massage – Utilizing a firm pressure and targeting deep muscle and fascia, specific acupressure points are triggered to release tension and lactic acid buildup throughout the body. This treatment aims to provide relief for chronic muscular ailments. 60 or 90 minutes, $129/185
  • Maternity Massage – Light pressure, incorporating long soothing strokes and relaxing, soothing movements. This massage utilizes a combination of maternity bolsters to ensure comfort along with side lying and pillows.  Maternity massage is only performed in 2nd + 3rd trimesters.   60 or 90 minutes, $119/165
  • Hot Stone Massage – Smooth Basalt stones are used as an extension of your therapist’s hands, allowing a deeper massage, from head to toe and relaxing overtired muscles. The radiant heat promotes the cellular detoxification process. 90 minutes,  $189
  • AromaFlex Massage – A selection of essential oils, custom tailored to your individual healing needs will be incorporated throughout this aromatherapy massage. Ending the massage with a special focus on reflexology is the perfect antidote to stress and a remedy that will deeply relax muscles. 90 minutes,  $179
  • Express Massage – Focus on neck and back massage, stretches, and movements to alleviate stress in the upper body. 30 minutes, $75
  • Reflexology – Based on a centuries old healing technique, reflexology activates specific energy points on the feet, which correspond to specific muscular relaxation and internal healing. Energy blockages that build up over time are released. While this treatment focuses on your feet, your hands will also be pampered with light massage. A beautiful experience to enhance any facial treatment. 30 or 45 minutes, $75/95
  • Reiki Energy Healing – Our therapist channels the healing energies of the universe to balance and restore. Available with select services providers only. 30 or 60 minutes, $75/119
  • Exfoliating Body Polish – Skin is thoroughly smoothed with a refreshing Citrus Grass Scrub containing sea salt + rice bran oil. Silkiness and softness is sealed in with an Agave Nectar Massage Oil that is enriched with a blend of powerful anti-aging extract to leave skin hydrated and quenched, with spring in every step! 45 minutes, $95
  • Cactus Firming + Toning Wrap – Introducing a treatment that will turn heads, the Cactus Firming & Toning Body Wrap. Begin with dry brushing and the exfoliating body polish. Then, wrapped up in a cocoon, the body is infused with an organic anti-cellulite serum layered beneath a toning and tightening cactus gel, that heats and tingles as it works. Finished with a drizzle of warm oil and massage to ensures that every plumping extract soaks into the skin, leaving your body glistening and soft! 75 minutes, $185

*Any of the above can be reserved as a Couples Massage. 

Spa La Carte – Massage Add On’s

  • Bright Eyes or Lip Plumping Treatment – $15
  • Hot Oil Hair + Scalp Treatment 15 minutes, $25
  • Extra Scalp or Facial Massage 15 minutes,  $20
  • Softening Hand + Foot Polish – no additional time, $20
  • Shampoo + Blow Dry 30 minutes, $30
  • Dry Brush Exfoliation – 15 minutes, $20
  • Hot Stone Add On  – back or legs, no additional time, $25
  • Anti Cellulite Massage Booster – with travel product, $30

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