Service Descriptions

Emerge Transformed ~ Massage Therapies

Waterside Signature Massage – 60 or 90 minutes – $115/165

Enjoy a fully customized experience primarily using techniques of a relaxing Swedish massage. By incorporating some medium pressure,  this service releases tension and relieves soreness. Includes herbal heat pack and aromatherapy for added relaxation.

Deep Tissue Massage – 60 or 90 minutes – $130/185

Utilizing a firm pressure, this massage targets the needs of deep muscles and fascia, specific acupressure points are triggered to release tension and lactic acid buildup throughout the body. This treatment aims to provide relief for chronic muscular ailments, and deeply rooted muscle aches.

Reviving Hot Stone Massage – 90 minutes – $185

Smooth Basalt stones are used as an extension of your therapist’s hands, allowing a deeper massage, from head to toe and relaxing overtired muscles. The radiant heat promotes the cellular detoxification process.

Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy – 60 or 90 minutes – $125/185

If you like deep tissue massage, you will love Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage. Using overhead bars for balance, the therapist stands on the table and uses her bodyweight and feet to deliver a deep and utterly luxurious massage.

Maternity Massage – 60 or 90 minutes – $115/165

Eliminate fatigue and focus on areas of tension, this gently soothing treatment improves circulation and helps oxygenate the body while offering relief from swelling.Our maternity massage utilizes both pregnancy pillows and bolsters for full body comfort. (Ideal for clients beyond the first trimester.)

Reiki – 30 or 60 minutes – $55/95

Activate your body’s natural healing process and evoke energetic alignment with Reiki. A practitioner will channel universal healing energies to purify and balance your energy fields thus facilitating physical and emotional wellness.

Reflexology – 30 or 45 minutes – $55/75

Based on a centuries old healing technique, reflexology activates specific energy points on the feet, which correspond to specific muscular relaxation and internal healing. Energy blockages that build up over time are released. While this treatment focuses on your feet, your hands will also be pampered with light massage. A beautiful experience to enhance any facial treatment, saltroom session, or massage.

Express Massage – 30 minutes – $65

A mini massage, or tease, if you will. This massage is great if you wish to just focus on one or two areas, like the neck and back, or legs after a long day on the ski hill.

Radiant Dry Brushing – 15 minutes – $20 

An invigorating exfoliation for the whole body! Strategic dry brushing can promote lymphatic system functioning, increase cellular detoxification, strengthen ones immune system, and manifest a radiant glow!

Double Decadence – Any of the above massage therapies may be reserved as a couples massage in a private treatment room!

Couples Massage in the Salt Suite – 90 minutes total – $575 

A pampering experience to share with your plus one! Begin with 75 minute couples massage, choice of swedish, combo, or deep tissue pressures, in the salt suite. Breathe in the salt air and cleanse your lungs while your therapists deliver a transportive and therapeutic massage experience. After your massage, the suite is reserved for an additional 15 minutes of relaxation with a glass of champagne and seasonal snacks. 

Skin Reviving ~ Facial Services

Signature Facial – 50 minutes – $95

Centered on your skin’s wellness, this essential treatment is personalized to every last detail. The facial begins with a cleansing, exfoliation and extractions to purify your skin and encourage detoxification. Facial massage techniques smooth fine lines and promote collagen while nutrient rich treatment masques, serums and moisturizers employ vitamins and minerals to target individual skin concerns.

Luxe Oxygenating Facial – 50 minutes – $155

An antioxidant therapy that supports the skin’s metabolism and cell turnover, while plumping the skin and reducing redness and inflammation. A beautiful alternative to a peel (safe for pregnant and nursing mothers), this facial has a blend of powerhouse ingredients. Key ingredients hydrate and promote a clear completion, hydrogen peroxide as a topical oxygenating source effective in purifying the skin, and plant based fungi for detoxification, along with lactic, glycolic and salicylic acids to brighten.

Ageless Radiance Facial – 75 minutes – $165

Increase the vitality of your skin. A renewing facial, this treatment uses luxury botanic ingredients sourced to invigorate and condition your skin. This facial includes a powerful concentration of active ingredients to deliver instant smoothing and toning. Restorative and firming masques and serums leave the skin hydrated and glowing.

Deluxe Deep Cleansing Facial – 75 minutes – $160

An aromatic deep cleansing is followed by an enzyme exfoliation to melt away impurities. Warm facial compresses and extractions followed by a specialized treatment masque draw out excess oil while calming redness and inflammation to balance the complexion.

Gentleman’s Facial – 50 minutes – $95

Created specifically for a man’s unique skin-care needs, this results-oriented facial deep cleans, gently polishes away dull skin cells, and restores balance to overstressed skin. A relaxing facial massage and aromatic towel compress complete the experience. (It is recommended that gentlemen shave before this service.)

Pick-me-up Facial – 45 minutes $75

Express skin care provides cleansing and exfoliation with steam, a stimulating facial massage and a treatment masque to hydrate and refresh. Perfect between regular facials, before a special occasion, or for teens. Extractions included upon request.

Waterside Custom Holistic Facial- 75 minutes $185

This beautiful facial starts like our signature facial, implementing a skin type specific peel or oxygen treatment. Peels vary to promote firm skin, reduce hyper-pigmentation or brighten.

“Spa La Carte”  ~ Specialty Treatment Boosters

Halotherapy Salt Room Session – Breathe salt, breathe better. Halotherapy uses warmed and finely crushed dry salt particles in a specially designed chamber. Dry salt is antibacterial, antimicrobial, anti viral and super absorbent it actively kills bacteria and reduces the inflammation in the respiratory system and widens the airways for better breathing. Learn More 45 minutes. $45

Scalp or Facial Massage – Add 15 minutes of scalp or facial massage to any treatment. Deeply relaxing, massage addresses habitual and subtle muscular tensions to promote circulation and collagen production. $20

Bright Eyes Booster – Light butterfly massage techniques paired with a specialty eye serum provide an instant enhancing effect around the eyes. Puffiness is decreased while tired eyes are energized and left luminous! $20

Softening Hand & Foot Treatment – An exfoliating scrub on the hands and feet, aromatic towel compresses, and completed with a deeply hydrating hand and foot treatment crème. $20

Facial Peels – The aesthetician will recommend a personalized treatments from a selection of chemical and enzyme based peels available for varied skin types. Some are gentle and can be used on sensitive skin, while others are result driven and can be used to promote firm skin, collagen production, reduce hyper-pigmentation, or brighten. Face only: $40-$185 depending on level of peel and coverage (face, neck, chest, all).

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