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Autumn Specials

H A P P Y    A U T U M N    

Enjoy these special offerings during the months of September and October! 

FALL FRENZY | Massage Special 

Feeling in a frenzy? Reserve any 90 minute massage and let us gift you with a Complimentary Body Treatment Upgrade of your choice with your treatment. Choose from any of the following:

Cupping Therapy,  TheraGun Tapotement, Bright Eyes Booster, or Dry Brush Exfoliation

HEALTHY HARVEST | Skin Care Special 

Custom Corrective Peel – Series of 3 treatments to deliver quick, lasting results with little to no downtime.  3 Corrective treatments and home care for $300.  ($415 value)

This facial includes a double cleanse, tone, custom skincare peel 2- 4 layers, followed by a corrective nourishing treatment and SPF. Perfect for the gal who loves to see dramatic results! This series of three treatments also come with one Post-Peel Kit, delivering you skin with the post-treatment nourishment it craves. Recommended booking peels about 3 weeks apart.

FALL IN LOVE | With Our New Therapist’s Offering 

Two of our estheticians have recently expanded their waxing repertoire to include Brazilian waxing. While they completed their trainings, these providers are still perfecting their skillset.

For a limited time, Brazilian waxing booked with Shayna or Naomi can be reserved at a 50% discount! To take advantage of this discount be sure to request either of these ladies when booking!

Please note, we do have other more experienced waxing specialists that are not eligible for this discount.

Spa Treatments During Pregnancy

Spa Treatments During Pregnancy

If there’s ever a time when one needs a little pampering – it’s when a mama-to-be is creating life.

Pregnancy is such a special, magical, and let’s be honest – completely exhausting time. A woman’s body is going thru so many changes, very quickly – muscles and bones are moving, stretching, and rearranging, along with the other discomforts of pregnancy like morning sickness, sinus congestion, digestive system changes, inflammation.

During pregnancy, the body needs to unwind, recharge and feel deeply appreciated.

When expecting, it’s important to do research and learn what services are safe during pregnancy, and at what time. Many popular services, like most facials, nail care and massages are perfectly safe during pregnancy. And some treatments, are best to wait until after you deliver and are finished nursing.

Remember, every pregnancy and each person is different, so it’s always recommended to consult with your doctor about what’s recommended for you prior to booking services with us. Check with your practitioner especially if you have been having morning sickness, high blood pressure, diabetes, preeclampsia or abdominal pain or bleeding.

Prenatal / Maternity / Pregnancy Massage

Maternity massage generally safe during pregnancy, as long as it’s scheduled after the first trimester. At Waterside Day Spa, we are only able to perform maternity massage for guests that are 14+ weeks pregnant.

Choose a massage therapist who has training and experience in the special precautions necessary for prenatal massage. Please always make sure that the therapist knows you’re expecting and how far along you are. Typically, maternity massages will avoid deep tissue work, and areas on the body like pressure point between your ankle bone and heel because there’s a theory that it may trigger contractions.

A massage during pregnancy is somewhat different from your typical massage experience. At Waterside Day Spa, we have two different set ups used for pregnant women… If you have a preference between these two set ups, please notify our receptionist when scheduling.

  • Pregnancy Massage Cushions – these are special cousins with cut outs for the belly and breasts that allow expecting mother’s to still lay on your stomach during massage. The special shape helps support the areas surrounding the bump to alleviate pressure on the growing baby and still lets mama receive a massage starting in the classic prone position. This option is typically most comfortable in the second trimester or for expecting mama’s that aren’t showing as much. After the therapist does a traditional full body massage on the back side of the body, the expecting mother is flipped over to lay on her backside, at a gentle incline, to support healthy blood flow, for the remainder of the massage.
  • Side Lying – the other option for pregnancy massage, used more in the third trimester and for mama’s that have “popped” more quickly. With this type of maternity massage set up, the therapist will use a body pillow and various bolsters so that the expecting mother can lay on her sides throughout the majority of the treatment, switching from her left to right side part of the way through, and then again finishing laying on her backside, at a gentle incline, to support healthy blood flow, for the remainder of the massage.

Pregnancy Skin Care and Facials

Most facials are safe during pregnancy, again, just let your esthetician know that you are expecting because there are ingredients that should still be avoided. Ingredients like retinol / retinoids should be avoided, along with some acids like salicylic, enzymes, hydroquinone, and even some essential oils or plant based ingredients.

Some essential oils that are generally safe during pregnancy are lavender, jasmine, rose, tangerine, chamomile, neroli, ylang-ylang and lemon. Some that should be avoided include licorice, rosemary, sage, basil, peppermint, oregano, thyme, and juniper.

The following treatments offered at Waterside Day Spa utilize ingredients and can be customized on every level to ensure they are safe during pregnancy.

  • HydroLuxx™ Facial – Hydrodermabrasion and oxygen infusion are renowned for being able to correct all types of skin concerns.  Using a diamond tip wand to simultaneously exfoliates weeks of dead skin build up, while also deeply infusing the skin with a blend of customized serums, individual skin’s needs are treated. Oxygen infusion reduces redness, plumps fine lines, increase lymphatic flow and brighten the complexion.
  • Luxe Oxygenating Facial –  An antioxidant therapy that supports the skins metabolism and cell turnover. A beautiful alternative to a peel (safe for pregnant or nursing women), this facial has a blend of powerhouse ingredients. Key ingredients include B vitamins, hydrogen peroxide, and plant based fungi. Calming for even the most sensitive skin types, this oxygenating facial includes a pure O2 mist that plumps, hydrates, and tones the skin.
  • Waterside Signature Facial – Centered on your skin’s wellness, this basic facial is personalized meet your skins needs. Cleansing, exfoliation and light extractions to purify your skin and encourage detoxification. Facial massage techniques smooth fine lines and promote collagen while nutrient rich treatment masques, serums and moisturizers employ nutrients to target individual skin concerns.
  • Pick Me Up, Mini Facial – An express facial service, including cleansing, exfoliation, steam, skin type specific masks and treatment serums. Great for young adults, ] as a maintenance facial in between more corrective treatments, or for someone who wants to get into a more dedicated skin care routine.
  • Dermaplane Exfoliation An add on to our Waterside Signature or Pick Me Up Facials that removes the top layers of dead skin, providing a deep exfoliation and remove the villous hairs, revealing a brighter complexion.

Our estheticians can also help you to put together a customized at-home skin-care routine that will address the hormonal fluctuations of pregnancy with products that are safe to use throughout pregnancy, delivery, nursing, and beyond.

Please reach out to us by phone or email for any general questions regarding the treatments that we offer during pregnancy. Most salon services like hair colors, cuts, and manicure / pedicure services are also generally safe during pregnancy and our staff can make adjustments to ensure your comfort throughout your time with us.

If you ever have questions  about what is safe for you specifically, please consult with your primary care physician. | 970-875-0271

Hiring Massage Therapist – Letter from the Owner

Hello Steamboat Spring! 

Waterside Day Spa is hiring for massage therapists and would love your help 
finding the next addition(s) to our team! 

Part of what I love about owning a business in Steamboat is that we live in such a beautiful place. It’s very important to me that our staff has control over their schedules so that we can actually LIVE the life we dreamed of when choosing here to live. 

Ideal candidates will be available between 2 – 5 shifts per week. Full or part time therapists appreciated. We have a fabulous year round clientele and stay very steady, even during the “off-seasons”. Beautiful treatment rooms, great compensation, and an amazing team already in place are so excited to welcome new staff. 

Please share this post with any friends, family, or acquaintances that may be able to help us in our search to welcome a few new massage therapists to our Waterside Family this fall or winter. 


Lexi + the team at Waterside Day Spa 


Waterside Local’s Membership

With our Waterside Day Spa Love Yourself Membership guests can enjoy monthly savings on favorite treatments and discounts on product purchases. Price – $89/month. Clients may select 1 of the following services each month:

  • 60 minute Signature Massage
    • upgrade to 90 minutes for $35
  • 60 minute Signature Facial
    • upgrade to Ageless Radiance or Detox Facial for $35
    • upgrade to Hydro Luxe Dermalinfusion Facial for $45
  • Express Facial with Advanced PCA Peel
    • add Neck + Décolleté for $20
    • add 4% Retinol Peel for $35
  • Body Polish with Dry Brushing and Anti-Cellulite Booster

Members enjoy additional discounts and exclusive promotions:

  • 20% off full price retail
  • 15% services for guests
  • Salt Room Sessions may be added at $10/ session ($30/session savings)
  • Additional massage or skin care services for the membership holder may be reserved at the $89/month rate, and upgraded at the membership prices.
  • Refer a friend and when they sign up, we will gift you with a $25 spa gift card.

Membership Terms

The membership is 3 months and then it turns into a month to month membership. You may cancel any time after the initial 3 months with a 14 day written notice and will not be billed again. Pay for a full year in advance and the price is $950 (just $79/service)! Memberships paid in advance are not refundable or transferrable.

How am I charged for the membership?

It works like a gym membership. Your credit card is charged automatically on the same day every month.

What if I am going to be out of town for more than a month or I miss my monthly treatment?

Your monthly treatment is good for 90 days so you can carry it forward into the following month. Billing will continue monthly even if you are postponing service redemptions. Please keep in mind that we do honor a 24 hour cancellation policy so if you have reserved your appointment and cannot make it please let us ahead of time so you don’t have to forfeit the service for that month.

Services and Benefits Cannot Be Shared
These services are exclusive to one person and cannot be transferred or shared with. However, members are welcome to have guests join them for services at the discounted rate of 15% off full price treatments and retail.

Benefits Do Not Include Gratuity
Membership dues cover the cost of monthly treatments only. Your optional tips are still much appreciated by our skilled practitioners. Gratuity can be left in cash or check.

Membership Terms Are Subject to Change
Waterside Day Spa reserves the right to amend the terms of our membership agreement at any time. We also reserve the right to cancel any membership for any reason and will provide 30-day written notice of any changes.

The Truth About Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are absolutely crucial when it comes to overall skin brightness, firmness, elasticity, and peels actually increase the absorption of  your primary home care routine. With the flexibility to customize and provide treatment for all skin types and concerns, PCA Peels are able to address skin concerns such as texture, improve tone, fine lines and wrinkles, redness, breakouts, dark spots, and so much more, improving even the most sensitive skin types.

Somewhere along the lines, the idea of “peels” and peeling, flaking, redness, and pain was miscommunicated to the masses. The reality of the immediate post-peel facial treatment is brightness, reduced textures and inflammation, and a healthy, glowing complexion.

Here’s everything you need to know before your first PCA SKIN chemical peel:

Your esthetician will begin the treatment with a skin analysis and education. Together, goals are set and we make a plan for what type of treatments will reach those goals. The PCA Peel service itself is actually rather quick, 30 minutes total. Your esthetician will do a thorough cleansing, prep your skin for the peel, do the peel treatments (typically 2-5 customized layers) and then layer on additional correctives, boosters, serums, and of course, SPF.

Typically, if this is your first experience treating your skin with a peel, then our guests and estheticians start with more gentle peels and only apply 2-3 layers the first time. As your skin gets more used to the treatment process, we will work up to the stronger peels with more layers and interesting combination to really make your skin care goals come true.  The beauty of our peel treatments is that regardless of the number of layers you receive in your peel treatment or the strength of the peel, the price does remain the same. That is part of what makes our peels truly customized.

After your peel, you will receive a PCA Post Procedure Kit that includes a 10-day supply of everything you should be using on your skin after your peel treatment. This kit is our gift to you, a $40 value. What you do in the days following a corrective peel treatment needs to be perfectly nourishing and balancing for the skin.

In the days following your treatment, the skin will start to experience cell turnover – sometimes this results in a visible exfoliation… ie: flaking, shedding, and getting rid of the top layers of damaged and dead skin. Other times, the skin does not viably exfoliate, however that does not mean that the skin is not still benefiting dramatically from the treatment. As a general rule of thumb, the deeper the peel, the more extensive of the peeling experience.  Individual skin reactions may vary from treatment to treatment, but the goal of supporting that cell turnover process to allow your healthy, new, fresh skin to shine thru is happening weather you or not there is visible exfoliation happening.

Professional peels are essential for glowing, healthy skin. Regardless of what you are seeing on the top layers of your skin, there is fresh, stronger, and more resilient skin underneath, that just needs to be revealed and we absolutely love helping to make that happen!

Treatments may be scheduled by phone 970.875.0271, email or via our online booking link.

Series of 3 Custom PCA Peel Treatments – face only/with décolleté,  $350 / 400

What is a HydroLuxx™ Facial?

Hydrodermabrasion and oxygen infusion are what make up the HydroLuxx™ Facial and this treatment is renowned for being able to correct all types of skin concerns.  Using a diamond tip wand to simultaneously exfoliates dead skin build up, while also deeply infusing the skin with a blend of customized serums, individual skin’s needs are treated. Oxygen infusion reduces redness, plumps fine lines, increase lymphatic flow and brighten the complexion.

When you discover how much you love it, this service is also available in a series!

How does the HydroLuxx™ service work?

Simply put, hydro microdermabrasion is a crystal-free machine that very gently exfoliates the top layer of the skin and simultaneously infusion the skin with customized serums combos- made up of vitamins or minerals or saline. When this top layer of old, dead skin cells, and grime is professionally removed by exfoliation, the new healthy layer of younger looking, polished skin is revealed.

Oxygen infusion allows the skin to increase the skins natural metabolism and production of collagen, resulting in a more youthful appearance, smoother skin, and a brighter, refreshed complexion.

What skin concerns can HydroLuxx™ Facial Treatment address?

Though recommended for all skin types, dermabrasion with water is specifically designed for those with highly sensitive skin.

  • Moisturizes dry skin, making wrinkles less noticeable.  Dehydrated skin looks dry, flaky and lines and wrinkles are often more visible than desired. The HydroLuxx™ machine will effectively hydrate the skin. With this advanced technology, the skin is more receptive to fully absorb beauty products: creams and serums with much needed hydrating elements, vitamins, retinol and others elements. Better hydration can also help to reduce puffiness and minimize wrinkles as properly hydrated skin actually pushes the wrinkle out.
  • Eliminates skin rashes.  Hydrodermabrasion is a very popular remedy for acne, rosacea, and acne scarring. The vortex technology that exfoliates, almost works like a gentle vacuum to  unclogs the pores and clears them of bacteria or oil build up so there is no chance of infection. The infusion technology will deeply penetrate the skin with formulations designed specifically for acne or reactive skin.
  • Eliminates dirt and cleans the sebaceous glands.  Clean, polished skin and less visible pores. Dead skin cells pile up with time, the skin becomes dry and flaky. Hydro dermabrasion machine helps to get rid of build up from every day makeup and pollutants faster and more easily. Exfoliation leaves your skin looking younger and brighter.

Are there any contraindication to the HydroLuxx™ Facial? 

While great for even the most sensitive skin, there are just a few contradictions with professional diamond tip microdermabrasion machine. We cannot use the machine on cystic/ inflamed skin, clients with diabetes, skin infections that are active or contagious (for example Measles, Herpes or Chickenpox). Clients should always wait two months to receive this treatment after facial surgery, or 7-10 days after any botox or injections.

Treatments may be scheduled by phone 970.875.0271, email or via our online booking link.

HydroLuxx™ Facial – 60 minutes, $185

Series of 3 Treatments – $495, $165/service

Series of 5 Treatments – $725, $145/service