Mom, thanks for the ridiculously good looks!

Mom, thanks for the ridiculously good looks! 

Great-grandma Marjorie with three-month baby Cassidy

This past February 2017, I became a mother for the first time. It was about two weeks into my daughter’s life when it hit me like a ton a bricks…. WOW, parents really do A LOT for their children!  The amount of gratitude and appreciation I had for my parents suddenly grew immensely. The real definition of “unconditional love” made sense to me, and I found my heart overflowing with gratitude towards my parents, and theirs, and all of the generations that preceded my teeny-tiny daughter and I.

As a new parent, we begin to calculate this level of commitment that we just took on…  How many more diapers will we have to change in the next year? How many sleepless nights? Then it’s potty training! Messy dinners, eating rocks and way too much laundry… I found my mind racing thinking about all the sacrifices that I would now be making for someone else.

But guess what? Cliche indeed… I wouldn’t change a thing! Being a mother to a cheerful, beautiful, and oh-so love-able baby human is spectacular! My daughter is now 15 months and she’s talking! I accidentally dropped the f*bomb the other day and she responds with “uh-oh”! These are the moments that she puts me in check and reminds me to be the best possible human that I can be for her, like my parents were for me.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mama’s out there that have made the decision to officially love someone else more than they ever thought possible!! It’s messy, unselfish, and filled with daily struggles but the reward is so beautiful and unique.  Keep up the amazing work ladies!

Treat the mama’s you know this Mother’s Day!

May Spa Specials

A  M O T H E R ’ S   L  O V E     

Gift Cards for Mama’s, and Mama’s-To-Be, receive 10% off. Simply because there’s nothing sweeter than a mother’s love… In house gift card purchases of $100+ will also receive a free gift of choice!   (Enter code: MamaLove online gift certificate purchases.)

T A L K   S A L T Y   T O   M E   


Halotherapy salt room treatments are discounted by 50% during the month of May… simply because we know you’ll love salt therapy and it is changing the quality of peoples lives for the better!

 $ 6 5  D O L L A R   D E A L S 



L O C A L S   S P A  P A C K A G E 


Save $100 on a half day at the spa, regularly $295.  This Spring Package is only available in the month of May, includes a Signature Massage, Signature Facial, Spa Pedicure + Halotherapy Salt Room Treatment

April Spa Specials in Steamboat

H E L L O   S U N S H I N E 

60 minutes $90 | 90 minutes $135

Save $25 on an hour massage or $30 on an hour and a half! Put a little spring in your step with this Signature Waterside Massage that focuses on the common areas of tension in the body.

S P R I N G   C L E A N 

3 Signature Waterside Facials for $200

Instantly sweep away dull-winter skin with the Waterside Signature Facial series over a quick 8 weeks for optimum results. Intended to nourish, exfoliate, and hydrate the skin, this facial series is custom tailored to your skin’s every need. Book your first facial treatment for $85. Get your second for only $65 and your third for just $50.   Bonus: With our eight-week facial series, you save $85! 

F R E S H   A S   A   F L O W E R

Spa Manicure + Pedicure Combo $75

Meet our new manicurist, Kori. She specializes in beautiful nails that make you feel fresh as a flower. Enjoy a Spa Manicure and Pedicure, regularly $90, for just $75! This month only, if you book your next three services then we are gifting you with the fourth one free!

Valentine’s Day in Steamboat

Valentines day is nearing! Have you planned how to treat your sweetheart, family members or… dare we suggest… yourself?! Well, we’ve got a jump start on that for you!  Here are our top five ways to celebrate a day of love!

  1. Annual Valentine’s Day Torchlight Parade
    Cuddle up at the base of the mountain in the Gondola Square on Valentine’s evening to watch as skiers create beautiful formations and ski down the face if the mountain holding torches of burning fire in hand. The torchlight parade is followed by fireworks, this spectacular show will light up the night!
  2.  Hot Air Balloon Rides  Always an amazing experience, a hot air balloon ride is something different, uber romantic, and exhilarating. Even in the cold of winter, those early mornings aren’t so cold when you’re in the basket with the giant flames right above you. Make it a Valentine’s Day worth remembering as you soar over our mountain town!
  3. Haymaker Sleigh Ride Dinner   Enjoy a three course meal following a romantic horse- drawn carriage ride around the snowy hills. Always romantic, you can even step it up by reserving a special two person sleigh by giving them a call. Nothing makes a person feel as special as a carriage ride drawn by majestic, beautiful horses!
  4. Strawberry Park Hot Springs  Really- this place is good no matter what time of the year you’re visiting! Spice up the romance by reserving one of their private cottages with private hot pools. Wake up to the sounds of the winter nature, soak in your private natural hot spring, and head into town for your sleigh ride refreshed, happy and invigorated!
  5. Couples Massage in the Salt Suite at Waterside  While you and your loved one relax with a therapeutic massage, your body receives a bounty of natural and holistic skin and lung benefits. Not to mention, the salt wall is a gorgeous view while getting kneaded!

Luxe Oxygen Facial

The Luxe Oxygenating Facial is an antioxidant therapy that supports the skin’s metabolism and cell turnover. A beautiful alternative to a peel (safe for pregnant and nursing mothers), this facial has a blend of powerhouse ingredients. Key ingredients include B vitamins that hydrate and promote a clear completion, hydrogen peroxide as a topical oxygenating source effective in purifying the skin, and plant based fungi for detoxification, along with the tried and true lactic, glycolic and salicylic acids.

Above all, what we love the most about this facial:  this is the facial to do a day or two before a special event, night out, or holiday party that will really take your skin care game to the next level! It stimulates oxygenation and circulation within the skin while rejuvenating sluggish, stressed (depleted by toxins, pollutants, allergens, improper diet and solar damage) or acne skin. The facial will draw a rose flush to the skin, without the deep exfoliation often associated with flaking or peeling.

Love your skin – purified, glowing and beaming with radiance!!


Apothecary + Blending Bar

 Waterside’s Apothecary + Blending Bar 

Custom Blended: Organic Teas + Bath Soaks


Creating your own organic teas or bath soaks is simple… 

With over a dozen herbs to choose from, you can create your own custom blended creation at Waterside Day Spa!  Our team would be delighted to share with you the physical and spiritual benefits associated with each of the herbs in our apothecary, so that you may personally select the scents to create a bath soak or tea that perfectly suites you! 


Botanical Bath Soak 

* 6 scoops of Coarse Sea Salt promotes detoxification, reduces pain and stiffness, increase lymphatic circulation 

* 4 – 6 scoops of Organic Herbs mix and match herbs to create a perfectly balanced palate of ingredients for your beauty wellness

* Beautifully wrapped up with a “bathing tea sachet” that allows for sweet soaking and a quick clean up! 

* Enjoy about eight herbal soaks from your custom blended creation. 


Herbal Sipping Tea 

* 6 – 8 scoops of Organic Herbs mix and match herbs to create a perfectly balanced palate of flavors for your beauty wellness. 

* Enjoy a dozen of your custom blended teas at home.