We Help You Get to ‘I Do’


Your wedding day is magical, beautiful, meaningful and perfect…. How did that happen? You. That’s how it happened. You prepped and planned and called and cried and drank and planned some more. You talked to your echoed eared soon-to-be hubby about everything he needs to know, just to have him ask you about it 30 seconds later. Cue more crying, and probably wine. We know we can’t help with everything in your wedding, but we’re darn good at covering one of the most important things involved… YOU. We are here to pamper, spoil, and care for you (and your friends if you so choose). Relax with a massage, get a facial, Mani-Pedi and end with a spray tan. Book your wedding look through us and do a run-through of the whole look at the end of your pampering day! Who wouldn’t want to leave a day of getting pampered looking glamorous!? Call us, send us an email or check us out on our website to get one thing marked off your infinite to-do list.

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