Lash Extension Scoop!

Lashes long, lashes small
Lashes grow and lashes fall
Pop your peepers with a beautified look
Don’t be silly, call Waterside to book!

We all want beautiful, long, full lashes like the people in the magazines. We try serums and mascaras that swear they’ll provide! Then they don’t, we get frustrated, and it’s a vicious (and expensive) cycle. Here at Waterside, our Lash Doctor (Gretchen) will fulfill your w-EYE-ldest dreams!
If you have never gotten lashes done before, it’s always nice to have the process explained a bit. Allow us!
When you initially book your appointment, a consultation is super helpful. This allows the lash master to take a look at your lashes and see what the best course of action will be, and to discuss if you want to play up your natural look or really go for the glam effect! After your consultation, we will hand you a sheet of paper going over details to get the best results possible.

Avoiding waterproof mascara for 2 or 3 days before your appointment (the adhesive doesn’t bond well with the film left from waterproof mascara), removing contact lenses during the application, and arriving with dry, clean lashes are all things that are super helpful before your appointment. When you arrive, you will lie on the table and Gretchen will clean your lids and lash line with our lash savvy gentle cleanser. It’s oil free, which is HUGE as the adhesive breaks down from oils- so remember this when you go to clean your make-up off at the end of the day. Luckily, you can buy our oil free make-up cleanser right here at the spa! After the cleaning, you will get your bottom lashes taped down. This feels a little funky, and people who have received lash extensions before are surprised by our attentiveness to this detail, but let me assure you- you don’t want your upper lashes/lid glued to your bottoms. That may be a bit uncomfortable. Once the pads are under your eyes and all taped down, you simply close those excited lids and relax. At this point, our skilled aesthetician applies INDIVIDUAL lashes mixed up with your natural ones. A serum is applied that boosts you’re the growth of your natural lashes (yes it works and yes we have it at the spa) and sends you on your happy way.
Once they’re on, it’s like every other awesome thing; it requires some maintenance. Come back for some chit-chat and get a fill every month, brush them out daily, cleanse your make-up with oil free cleanser, don’t let water hit them straight on and avoid heat from ovens or close up flames too consistently.
Come see us at the spa and we will get you the lashes of your dreams.

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